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The Good Childing Project has been a labor of filial love since 2020, started by then 96-year old Grandma Leo and her children and children-in-law. We have reached many families over the years, but we need your support now to continue our work.

Our current goals include more new articles and content for the site, more language versions translation to the site, a new booklet on childing, a book on standing up for parents, and more. To do these things, we need your help.

Our goal is to help create a world in which all parents are treated by their children with dignity, respect, understanding,  compassion and caregiving when aging.


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Please consider donating to The Good Childing Project. Your support helps to make our website possible.

You can also help support The Good Childing Project by volunteering as copyrighters, proofreaders, co-authors to our books, social media managers, video editors and web designers.

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It's our mission to incite filial love where all parents are honored, appreciated and taken care of by their children, and are filled with the peace of mind and joy while aging. Each child is bestowed a generous capacity for love.

For more information about The Good Childing Project, click here.

Parents behave as well as they are treated.

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