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Secret #1

Filial Children Are Her Lifelong Insurance

Grandma Leo raised two filial children: a son and a daughter. Since her husband passed away in her 70, she has been living with her son's family for over two decades and now living with her daughter's family. Her children are always there for her, even the one not living with her gives her money whenever visiting or remitting. She is care-free financially and mentally, as she believes in her filial children as safety nets and as tension regulators. This filial love she reaps is the greatest blessing and insurance to her longevity.

Filial Children Are Her Life Insurance in Old Age. 养儿防老 儿孙绕膝 天伦之乐

Proud of Her Children's Filial Behaviors

Grandma Leo's greatest success is having filial children. She is always proud of her children and their filial behaviors. When she receives money from her children, she shows off to people in the post office, or bank or her community. When people make praises or inquiries to her clothes, her good health, her good looking, she would always credit them to her children. She tells them this one is from her daughter-in-law, that one is from her son-in-law, another one is from her granddaughter and so on.

Secret #1
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