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Three Generations Family Happily Standing Together : Grandparents, Parents, Their Children and Grandchildren.

We Build Good Children Who Love Parents in Action

For Children of All Ages, Parents and Third Parties 

Parent-child Bridge

When your parent-child bond is damaged, we offer practical tools to help you move through it.

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 Why Good Childing? 

(What is childing? like parenting but the other way around :))

Good parenting doesn't ensure a strong parent-child bond, good childing does!

Good Childing is a value-based teaching and filial behavior learning center dedicated to empowering adults with the tools to do good to parents and to raise good children.

A daughter is applying lotion to her mother's wrist.

147 good childing behaviors to honor your parents


Learn filial behaviors that bring your parents joy and satisfaction as well as bring you a good life!

1. Physical care

3. Spiritual care

2. Psychological care

4. End-of-life care

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 Everyone Has Parents 

Good Childing Behavior Learning for Everyone

A toolkit of behavior-changing techniques to cultivate filial love, respect, caring, serving, gratitude, giving, supporting, empathy, and motivation parents would like to see in their child.

Family Caregiver: A Young Girl Is Caring for Her Elder.

Make Your Family Tree and Water Your Roots