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Time Respect

Physical, Financial, Emotional & Spiritual Care

It’s easy to say “I love you” frequently, but nothing speaks love louder to our parents than spending time with them.

It’s easy to give gifts, say nice things or do a little act of service, but quality time is the hardest to give because it demands the sacrifice of time–something that many busy sports adult children are in short supply of.

If you truly want your parents to know and believe that you love them, make it a priority to set aside consistent time to connect with them. That will say “I love you” loud and clear.

Live together to help your parents. Accompany: spending time with your parents. Multigenerational Household. Intergenerational Living. Sandwich Generation. “Sharing is caring” philosophy. Spending time with your parents and learn from them. Giving them purpose, as relationships are key to healthy aging. When to take care of our parents? When to practice love to our parents? When to practice 20 respects to our parents? We were born for love. Since our childhood, we have been learning how to love.

1. Maintain a strong marriage: give your parents a safe, secure place to be with you and learn about new things from young people. Because parents in strong families feel secure and loved, they have confidence to age in place at home or their child's home, try new things and keep active. And they can deal better with challenges and setbacks because they know they have family support.

2. Have the child's grandparents at home: If the grandparents are willing to volunteer to babysit your child, you have the least to worry about. This arrangement allows the kids to develop a bond with their grandparents and gives you a breather when both of you are busy at work. From the financial aspect, this is the most low-cost and low-risk arrangement for your child.

3. Love your parents with your time: Time is irreplaceable and invaluable. With working adult children and parents neglect being the most serious problem afflicting many households, it is very important to spend quality time with your parents every day. Switch off your mind from any other thoughts, and instead, focus on the time you give your parents. It has a huge impact on their lives and can help you achieve the equilibrium to care for your parents while you work.

Time Respect
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