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Legacy Respect

Emotional & Spiritual Care

Values: forever holding your parents in your heart by passing family values to your children. make your parents feel valuable. Goals. Purposeful living. Transcend your upbringing. “beyond-the-self” activities. family commitments. Teach Your Children Well. Teach Your Child Well. Role Modeling. develop an independent faith. Exemplars.

Cherish your parents and carry out their wishes and feel good honoring them to the best of your ability.

An old Chinese proverb says,“One generation plants the trees, and another gets the shade.” 前人栽树,后人乘凉

We in this generation are still living in a little bit of shade. Our grandparents, and perhaps even our parents if we’re old enough, planted some trees in the past and we are still enjoying some of the shade. But this generation is not planting any trees for the next. And they’re going to find themselves in a blistering world with nowhere to hide. The young person who don't honor their parents feels no shade, no place of comfort, no place to hide, no place of security, just a fearsome reality both in the present and in the future.

How can we plant those trees to shade the future generation? How can we give shade to our children and their children and their children? The answer is to go back to the standards of God’s Word, the human traditions, the timeless and universal virtues.

Legacy Respect
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