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Appreciative Respect

Emotional Care

Have a grateful heart for parents through words and actions that express care, love, gratitude, and compassion, e.g. show affection by physical touch. Words of appreciation. Write a thank you note for your parents. Draw motivation from your love for your parents. Xiaogan heaven and earth. Recognize and appreciate the legacy your parents gave you. Parents are givers. They feed you, clothe you, shelter you, protect you from hunger and cold, you are not like an orphan, you are heard, seen, and loved. Keep letting your parents know how much you need them. Always miss your parents. Be grateful for everything your parents have done for you, and thank them for sacrificing themselves to light up your life. Showing affection, physical intimacy, hugging, kissing, holding hands, washing feet, massaging or supporting parents, showing respect, greeting, service, or love.

  • Tell your parents how much you love them, and look for opportunities to tell them you’re proud of them.

  • Being warm, caring and affectionate with your parents helps to build strong child-parent relationship

Appreciative Respect