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It's the Thought that Counts

Be Responsive
Behavior #1

When our parents call us, we should answer them right away.

Be Compliant
Behavior #2

When they tell us to do something, we should do it promptly.

Be a Good Listener
Behavior #3

When our parents instruct us, we should listen respectfully.

Respect for Parental Authority
Behavior #4

When they scold us, we should sincerely accept what they say.

Be Nurturing
Behavior #6

We should make sure that our parents are cool in the summer.

Behavior #7

In the morning, we should greet them and show them that we care.

Good Night
Behavior #8

At night, we should make sure that they are resting comfortably.

Behavior #9

Before going out, we should let our parents know.

Keep Parents Informed
Behavior #10

When we return, we should tell them that we are back.

Stable Life
Behavior #11

We should not hide any possession, no matter how small, from our parents. If we do, they will feel hurt.

Be a Giver
Behavior #12

When something pleases our parents [and is proper], we should try our best to provide it for them.

Be Empathy
Behavior #13

When something displeases them, we should remove it.

Be Safe
Behavior #14

If we injure ourselves, we will make our parents worry.

Do the Right Thing
Behavior #15

If we do something unvirtuous, they will feel ashamed.

Be Rooted in Filial Love
Behavior #16

We should make sure that our parents are warm in the winter

Show Mercy to Our Parents
Behavior #17

When they do not love us, respecting and loving them means we have a noble heart.

How to Correct Our Parents
Behavior #18

If our parents do something wrong, we should urge them to change. Do so with a kind expression and caring voice. Should our parents not accept our advice, try again when they are in a better mood. If they still do not listen, our sincere tears will show them how deeply we care. Should they get angry with us, do not hold it against them.

When Parents Need Nurturing
Behavior #19

When our parents are ill, we should make sure that they take the right medicine. Care for them night and day, and do not leave them alone.

Grieving the Loss of a Parent
Behavior #20

For three years after our parent’s passing, we should remember them in sadness. We should live simply and not adorn our home. Avoid merry-making, meat, and alcohol.

Be Caring
Behavior #5

We should make sure that our parents are warm in the winter

In Loving Memory of Our Parents
Behavior #21

We should arrange our parent’s funeral in a proper manner. We should always honor them as if they were still alive and, especially on the anniversary of their death, remember them with a sincere heart.

Keep Your Words