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Family Tree Name Submission Form

Updated: Sep 10

Download XLSX • 113KB



  1. Spreadsheet: This form is a spreadsheet in Excel XLSX file format. Click to download it.

  2. 3 sheets: This spreadsheet contains 3 sheets: Descendants and Ancestors as well as an Instruction. Please read the instruction carefully before you fill out the form. Complete either of the Descendants sheet or Ancestors sheet or both sheets depending on what you have ordered in your family tree.

  3. Form format and order: Follow this form format and order for each name you would like to include in your tree!

  4. Editable: On any text field or TAB through the fields to enter your information. All text fields are fillable. All placeholder text can be edited.

  5. Delete rows: If no text is wanted in a row, you may delete the placeholder text and nothing will appear.

  6. Add rows: Feel free to add rows if necessary or include any explanation you think would be helpful.

  7. Name format: Enter names as you want them to appear, INCLUDING CAPATALIZATION.

  8. Spellings: We will include as many names as you provide (ie: first, middle and last). Please make sure all spellings are correct. We will be copying and pasting the names as you provide them and are not responsible for misspellings.

  9. Generations: Fill out the generations as more as you order.

  10. Divorce/Death of a spouse: Place any additional spouses under the person/couple's name with notes in parenthesis, e.g., (Late spouse or ex-spouse). You can show which parent the children belong to using parenthesis, e.g., Child's First Middle Last (Sarah). Feel free to add rows if necessary or include any explanation you think would be helpful. ANYTHING IN PARENTHESIS WILL NOT BE INCLUDED IN YOUR TREE AND WILL ONLY BE USED FOR UNDERSTANDING RELATIONSHIPS.

  11. Extended family: If you want to include maternal aunts, uncles, cousins, nieces and nephews and their spouses and children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren, please fill out the second section Maternal Family Generations. You may want to start from two pairs of parents (paternal and maternal respectively).

  12. Detailed information: If you want to add detailed information to each name, e.g., birthdate, birthplace, occupation, death date for the deceased, etc., just do your best to list the names you choose, and decide if you want detailed information for each name. You may say “Unknown” or “Child 2” for the name or information you are not sure.

  13. Date format: Each person’s entry has space for a name, birth / death dates and locations if you wish. You can format your information any way that works for you (e.g. dates could be 00 Month 0000 or 00/00/0000, etc).

  14. Email: Send your completed form to, we will start to work on your family tree.

  15. Contact us: Please contact us if you have any concerns or questions about providing the names for your tree.

  16. Your approval: A proof of the family tree will be emailed to you before we deliver the final digital file or print the tree to ensure that it meets your approval and all of the names are where they should be.

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