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This Caring and Compassionate Toddler Girl Will Touch and Melt Your Heart

She is the most caring and compassionate daughter, only three-year-old. She is Lily. Her beautiful words and things she does will touch and melt your heart.

Who is Lily?

Lily is a little girl born in Jiangxi province in China. Due to the failure of the family business, her parents owed a lot of money. They have to work in a factory to make a living. When she was five months old, her parents took her to Zhejiang province to work in a clothing factory that allows workers to take their children to work. Her grandparents are in ill health who are not able to look after her.

Most kids at her age are playing with toys under their parents' care, while Lily is cared for by her Daddy and is interacting with adults in workplace.

Daddy's little helper

"Daddy, your sewing material is out of stock. I'll pick them up for you." Three-year-old Lily cares about her father so much. She wants to help her father with his work and be his little helper.

"Daddy, I've got the material for you, so speed up. Here you are, one more, Daddy. keep it up!" She encourages her Daddy.

Although she is very young, she does a lot of work in the factory. Whether it's helping Daddy turn over the clothes and fold them or helping Daddy grab goods, she can do all these things adeptly.

Care for Daddy

When she saw her Daddy was tired from working with his head down, she would take the initiative to massage his shoulders and his back.

When it's hot in summer, even if herself is sweating on her head, she would cool her father down by a handmade bamboo fan.

She often notices that her Daddy looks thirsty and get some water before he asks.

Next life

"Daddy, I love you". Lily gives a kiss to her Daddy.

He is the most inspirational father with a baby. He chose to work in a garment factory where he could take his child to work. When he works fourteen or fifteen hours a day, his daughter Lily accompanies him the whole time. When he works, Lily sits beside him every day, quiet and cute like a kitten. And Lily knew from a very young age that she helped her father with work and relieved her father’s burden. When she was two years old, she was able to help her Daddy turning the clothes he sewed inside out and fold them neatly. She piles them up layer by layer on her lap. She does the work so skillfully. People say she would have a bright future. Her Daddy uses a Chinese saying "Chores develop leadership skills in children." (穷人的孩子早当家) Her Daddy hopes that Lily will get a good education that will lead her life to success.

When Daddy asked Lily a question: "In your next life, would you still want to be my daughter?" Lily refused it directly: "No", but what she said next was heart-melting: "I will be your mother in my next life to love you as you loved me!"

What a caring and compassionate toddler girl!

Father-Daughter Day

Although life is hard and tiring, Lily always makes her Daddy happy in her special way. On Women's Day (March 8), she gave Daddy a bouquet of flowers. "Why give me flowers?" Daddy asked. Lily said, "You forgot it. Today is Father-Daughter Day, it's a holiday for two of us." It indeed is a unique Father-Daughter Day for both of them. (Note: Women's Day in Chinese pronounces as Fu Nv Jie while the same pronunciation as father-daughter day. This little girl confused the two words in a beautiful way!)


When Lily saw a BMW vehicle, she pointed at the car and announced: “I will buy this car in the future.” Daddy thought she knew it was a luxury expensive car. No, Lily had her special reason. She pointed at each letter on the BMW and said: “This is Daddy. This is Mom. This is me.” (Note: In Chinese pinyin, B is the initial letter for father, M for mother, W for me). Even netizens can’t help but suggest that BMW should pay this little girl advertising fees. Adults care about the price of a commodity, but children care about its meaning!

Father and daughter

In the video, Lily is in a factory loaded with all kinds of sewing materials. In front of her is her Daddy working nonstop, while she is behind her Daddy. At such a young age, she has learned not to bother her Daddy working while staying around him even if she was dozing off. Her Daddy teased her that he thought he had given birth to a child, but instead he gave birth to a pendant, which he has to hang it on his body 24 hours a day 7 days a week. When Lily fell tired and asleep after playing, his Daddy would use a blanket to make a makeshift bed behind him. She would fall in sleep in the sounds of sewing machines.

In front of her is the back of his father working hard, and behind him is his daughter sleeping peacefully on pieces of clothing material. The father supports the future of his child, and the child is the future of the father. During break time, Daddy would lie on Lily’s foam pad together with her. Netizens feel sorry for Lily. She stays with her father in the factory at such a young age, why does her mother not take care of her?

Favorite "employee" in the factory

Lily is the youngest "employee" (kidding :)) in the factory. She's been here since she was five months old and is now three years old. She has three years of "service" and is a "veteran" in the company. The factory has become her second home.

She is the most sensible little cute baby adored by people in the factory. Her Daddy is in his 30's, who works while taking care of his little daughter. Joy and sorrow come hand in hand. Her Daddy is proud to have such a filial daughter. Lily has been an easy child from birth. She provides a lot of feedback to adults and is adaptable, playful, and easygoing. She receives a lot of attention from adults because she has positive interactions. She is a barrel of laughs. She brings joy to the factory, all workers treat her like their own. She is Daddy's little helper. She is the factory boss's favorite "employee". All workers in the factory also help looking after Lily.

Work to earn her "wages"

People like playing with Lily. They reward her with candies or ice creams when she finishes work assignments. She also offers to do work like bringing sewing materials or threads to aunties to earn her "wage", either candies or popsicles, even praise. She works hard with a smile on her face all the time. If you praise her for being a cute girl, she would be very motivated to work for you.

How Lily became popular on internet?

By chance, one of her Daddy's co-workers posted a video on the internet about her life with her Daddy. The video went viral.

Lily has become popular in China. People are curious about where is her mom is because the video only shoots the interaction between Lily and her father, Netizens can't help but wonder: Is Lily raised by a single Daddy? Why does Lily's mom not take care of her? Or her grandparents? This question is also the most curious of many netizens. Lily's father once answered: Grandpa and grandma are not in good health. Sometimes he replies: Lily's mother is out, and the family is going through difficult time. Her mother also works in the factory, as she works faster than the father, so Lily is cared for by her father. People hope Lily's mother will come back to the family. No matter what happens, her father is determined to give Lily the good future she deserves.

Netizens said that Lily's Daddy might not be a good husband, but he is definitely a good father. What was most interesting in this video? Let us know in the comments below.


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