We have listed many FAQs and answers below for your convenience.





We have listed many FAQs and answers below for your convenience.

These trees look unique. What's the special?


These family trees are unique. 

1. Educational purpose. Good Childing trees are educational tools. Through diagraming the relationship of our family members and relatives, to identify our roots of our life force, and to inspire each person in the tree to take care of parents, to make our life tree flourishing. Good Childing trees are neither for medical history purpose and health record tracing back DNA purpose, nor to find ancestors and family history stories.


2. Uniquely structured. Younger generations are above older generations. You hardly find any tree online that emphasizes the roots of the tree and displays parents, grandparents and ancestors actually on the roots. All the trees you can find online are upside down with these trees.


3. Uniquely extended. The extended family tree includes aunts, uncles, cousins, nieces, nephews and their spouses. You can’t find any tree online that does the same thing with these trees.


4. In your language. These trees can be designed in any language. Just submit your family names in your local words. We can copy and paste these names to work on them.

5. Customizations. Because each family is different, and has a different amount of children, these trees are fully customizable to fit each unique family. The tree is rebuilt each time, It would not be exactly the same with the sample displayed. For an ancestor tree, each ancestor always has two parents, so ancestor trees are always in the same format reproducible. each tree in Good Childing is custom-made with an extra work.

How can I submit my family names to you?

Please complete the Family Name Submission Form and email to info@goodchilding.com. Your order will not be complete until we have received both payment and your family names. You can download the form you need by following the directions here


We value families of ALL shapes and sizes, and we try to be as inclusive as possible. If you have been adopted, have step-parents, estranged relationships, etc. We have and are happy to make *customizations! Contact us via email at info@goodchilding.com with your specific needs and we would be happy to propose ideas and options

What if I am missing some family names or have a relative I just can't find, but I want to purchase a family tree?

We can handle this in one of two ways. The default option is that we fill in any gaps with "name unknown" so the family tree remains balanced and full. If you prefer, please indicate you would like those spots left blank.

What is the "Digital File Only" option?

Some people choose to purchase a digital file only, and print their family tree themselves. We think the tree looks best on the fine art watercolor archival paper we print on, but allow the option for our customers to choose their own printer if they prefer. All customers who order a print will also receive their digital file.

What is the difference between the Descendent tree and the Extended Family tree? They look the same to me.

The descendent trees depict a couple's children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren, and so on.

The extended family trees depict two couple's children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, and so on. One couple is the parents of another couple's daughter-in-law or son-in-law. These trees include aunts and uncles, cousins, nieces and nephews, and so on. 

What if I have a special party or event where I want to present the family tree, but...it's in a few days?

We will try our best to meet any deadlines for our customers if possible. Please contact us at info@goodchilding.com and we can let you know if getting your tree to you in a rush is a possibility. Keep in mind that a quick turnaround also depends on your ability to get us your family names quickly and accurately, and to approve your proof in a timely manner.

​How Do I Place An Order?