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Good Childing Behaviors

Learn filial behaviors that bring your parents joy and satisfaction as well as bring you a good life!



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20 Respects
Acquiescent Respect
Listening to parents without talking back
Ancestor Respect
Commemorating ancestors and making sacrifices for them
Appreciative Respect
Having a grateful heart for parents by expressing it in both words and actions, e.g. show affection by physical touch
Care Respect
Making sure parents are comfortable in every single way. Provide caregiving and services
Celebrative Respect
Celebrating birthdays or other events in honor of parents
Consultative Respect
Consulting parents in personal and family matters. Seeking for advice
Funeral Respect
Mourning and burying elders in a respectful way, building graves at respectful places
Gift Respect
Giving gifts or favors when visiting parents or other occasions, e.g. presiding meetings
Legacy Respect
Forever holding parents in heart by passing family names and values to younger generations
Linguistic Respect
Use of honorific language, proper language. Speaking with a kind expression and caring voice
Money Respect
Save parents' money, share their financial burden, support them financially, and protect their retirement savings
Precedential Respect
Allowing parents to have priority in distributing goods and services. Elders first
Presentational Respect
Polite and appropriate decorum. Holding proper manners at home and outside
Salutatory Respect
Bowing or saluting parents, greeting them, exhibiting proper body language of respect
Self Respect
Self-esteem, self-care, self-sufficient, doing the right thing, living with dignity, e.g. be self-supporting as adult children
Sharing Lifetime Respect
Spending time with parents, offer companionship and the shared experiences. Multigenerational household
Sibling Respect
Getting along with siblings and helping each other. Parents are happy to see their children love each other
Spatial Respect
Having parents sit at a place of honor, furnishing them with a comfortable seat, securing a comfortable atmosphere for them
Spirit Care Respect
Doing the right thing make parents proud, increasing their own sense of self-esteem and life satisfaction
Victual Respect
Food provision to parents, taking their preferences into account, e.g. their favorite food. Pay for parents in restaurants


Love Your Parents in

113 Good Childing Behaviors (GCB)

Learn how to love your parents, honor your parents, be kind to your parents with the filial attitudes and filial behavior derived from filial piety.

The more you practice the behavior below, the healthier and stronger your child-parent relationship would be, and the happier your life would be!