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How to Correct Our Parents

Behavior #1.21

If our parents do something wrong, we should urge them to change. Do so with a kind expression and caring voice. Should our parents not accept our advice, try again when they are in a better mood. If they still do not listen, our sincere tears will show them how deeply we care. Should they get angry with us, do not hold it against them.

Children can correct their parents without being rude or ill-mannered. You ought to honour your parents. And one of the ways to honour your parents is not to get offended or gossip about them among your siblings and your relatives, when they err.

My parents sacrificed their sleep, their time and their money to raise me and send me to school. Why should I not remember all their labour of love, but instead dishonour them just because they shouted at me?

A father or mother can get angry with their adolescent, teenage or adult child/children. While, a child/adult child should not be angry to the point of not respecting the parents. Instead, look for moments when they are not stressed, tired or angry. Then, with all the respect you can muster, tell them how you feel. A statement like, “Dad, I’d feel happier if you stopped drinking” is more respectful than “Dad, your drinking is bad”. Say the truth in love and with respect.

Islam: praying to Allah for our parents to be forgiven and guided to the right path.

How to Correct Our Parents
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