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Be a Giver

Behavior #1.15

When something pleases our parents [and is proper], we should try our best to provide it for them.

Parents would not tell you what they "need" or "want", but if we care about them, we observe them and we know what make them happy.

If you’re lucky enough like us to still have your parents in your life — do something with them that will make them happy. It’s a shame to take them for granted.


  • Provide for our parents, not something as a gift

Last weekend, I took my dad out to supper and then to see truTV’s Impractical Jokers: Santiago Sent Us tour starring The Tenderloins at the Weidner Center in Green Bay. That was his Father’s Day and birthday present combined. Any time there’s a new episode, my dad laughs so hard his eyes water as he slaps his leg. He texts my uncle John, who actually introduced us to the comedy group, during new episodes and they joke about the show. And I know everything about the conversation on my dad’s end because once upon a time he discovered voice text. When I found out The Tenderloins were coming to Green Bay, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to take my dad to a show I know he would enjoy.

  • Spending time with our parents

We should be focusing on spending time with our parents doing something they’ll love. If he likes fishing, go fishing with him. If he likes going to the batting cages, take him to the batting cages. Anything you can do to spend time with your parents is better than anything you can wrap in a box and slap a bow on. Unless of course, you wrap yourself in a box, pop out and hand him tickets to a show or a game.

  • Bring on the laughs

  • Give the gift of communication

  • Work around their house

Fix the bulb in their bathroom.

  • Parents want what’s best for us

We live our life to the best.

Be a Giver
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