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The 7 W's of Childing: What, Who, Why, When, Where, How-To, How Much Cost?


It Means "Being a Good Child to Your Parents"

Opposite to Parenting, It Means "Being a Responsible Parent to Your Child" 

In our life, we feel love from receiving parental love, and we practice love by giving filial love. If a person doesn't even love his parents, can he have the ability to really love anybody? Childing is the practice of filial love, also called "filial piety", it is an ability to love and to be loved, it is called love-ability.

Love-ability is rooted in filial love, the love to your parents.

7 W-Questions about Childing 

What is childing?
Who love parents?
Why love parents?
When to love parents?
Where to love parents?
How to love parents?
How much cost to love parents?

1. What

Childing, Parent Caring, Good Childing, Honor Your Parents, Filial Piety, Be Kind to Your Parents, Filial Love, Child-Parent Relationship, Family Bond, The Fifth Commandment.